M.S.O.V. Special Operations Vest Level IIIA

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Color: Black
Size: S
Armor Option: Standard Level IIIA Panels
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  • FABRIC: Outer ballistic-type 500D nylon fabric for durability and colorfastness to resist fading, tears, and abrasions.
  • MOLLE webbing at all hard points; front, back, and sides for mounting MOLLE Pouches, IFAKs, etc.
  • SIDE PROTECTION: Extended sides for crucial ballistic overlap protection.
  • UP-ARMOR: Front and Back pockets for 10×12″ Hard Armor insert upgrade.
  • SIDE ARMOR: Left and Right side cummerbund side insert pockets for 6×6 or 6×8 size armor.
  • MODULAR: Includes Front and Back Panels, removable collar, throat, biceps, and groin protection in Level IIIA soft armor panels.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Industrial grade hook-and-loop fasteners for critical torso and girth adjustments for all body types.
  • DESIGN: Vest designed longer than other common short vests -that expose the lower abdomen- without choking the wearer when seated.

Included with the vest are NIJ level IIIA ballistics panels as follows:

  • Front and Back panels that overlap on sides.
  • Both left and right bicep guards, with wrap-around protection and elastic Velcro bicep straps.
  • A removable two-piece collar and throat protection system- affords 360-degree protection for the neck area, with complete throat coverage.
  • A drop-down overlap groin panel, with the option to remove according to a level of coverage desired.
  • M.S.O.V. additionally accommodates front & back 10×12″ and side hard armor plates (up to 6×8″).


  • Level IIIA Protection
  • Comprehensive ballistic protection. NIJ.06 IIIA structure.
  • Stops multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum).
  • Stops multiple threats: 9mm FMJ RN, 9mm Luger or NATO, .40 S&W, .357 Magnum, .357 Sig, .45 Gap, .44 Magnum
  • Tested at an independent laboratory
  • Armor Panels Made In the USA


  • Level IIIA Protection
  • Ultra-Flexible & Lightweight Panels.
  • Aramid Flexcore™ is an Ace Link Armor proprietary technology utilizing what’s the best in ballistic fabrics.
  • Only 0.23” (5.8mm) thin – which is thinner than the average smartphone.
  • It’s the most flexible and thinnest panel you can get!
  • Stops Multiple .44 Magnum Rounds
  • Armor Panels Made In the USA


  • Level IIIA + Stab1 Protection
  • Multi-Threat Stab-Proof Protection
  • Stops Handgun/Spike/Slash/Stab threats
  • The dual Protection structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum) as well as spike and edged blades of up to 36 joules of impact energy
  • Bulletproof NIJ.06 IIIA – Lightweight and Indestructible Ballistic Panels
  • Stab proof NIJ.0115 – Spike and Edge threats of strike energy up to 36 J
  • Armor Panels Made In the USA

Patrol Bulletproof Vest provides ballistic protection to ensure the wearer is safe when he needs it the most.

NIJ IIIA ballistic panels are made using multiple UD Aramid fabrics. Thanks to this unique construction, we can offer lightweight ballistic panels that make it perfect for fitting within tactical gear or undercover operations.

NIJ.06 IIIA structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum). This vest accommodates front & back 10×12″ Hard Armor Plates.


Unique hybrid construction utilizes exceptional ability of woven fabrics to disperse impact energy and mitigate back face deformation while the panel core made of multiple UD fabric layers absorbs the kinetic energy of the strikes – Round after round after round

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